Swim team holds fundraiser for state send-off


Morgan Wood (HSU, 12) has swam on the team for four years. She was excited to be able to bond with her team during the car wash. Photo by Norah Wulkopf

Norah Wulkopf

Manual’s swim team held a car wash to raise funds for the coming season and bond on Sept. 21 at the Wendy’s on Breckenridge Ln.

The team is fundraising for the state swim meet, which was usually held at the University of Louisville and recently moved to Lexington, creating a need to fund travel expenses.

This is the first year the swim team has done a fundraiser like this. “We decided to do a car wash because we thought it would be super fun to get to know everybody at the beginning of the year,” said Elena Jolly (12, HUS), a senior captain of the swim team.

“I liked being a part of it and I’d want to do stuff like that in the future,” said Barrett Wisbey (11, MST), a member of the swim team.

Members of the swim team and their parents washed cars from 10:30 to 2:30.

“It’s fun to do fundraising with my kids,” said Shelly Thomas, a mother of two members of the swim team.

Featured image taken by Norah Wulkopf.