Yoga Club reaches towards their first meeting


Members of the 2018-19 Yoga Club show the yearbook staff a basic position during a break in the staff’s worknight. “We partnered with yearbook last year and we did one meeting with the yearbook. Ms. Mattingly said everyone is always really stressed,” member Aanika Garre said. Photo by Pieper Mallett.

Guest Contributor

This post was submitted by Satchel Walton (10, J&C)

The Yoga Club will have its first meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 25 in Mr. Eric Purvis’ room. 

 “On a typical day after school we hang out. We do a variety of forms of yoga and we typically listen to a podcast or we play a video and follow along and do yoga,” President Sanya Mehta (12, MST) said.

Members of the 2018-19 Yoga Club prepare to demonstrate their craft to the yearbook staff. Photo by Pieper Mallett.

Participants don’t have to be practiced yogis or be able to commit to every meeting to join. 

“You come to Yoga Club to experience what yoga is like,” Purvis said at the Yoga Club informational meeting.

The Yoga Club plans to meet for an hour every other Wednesday excluding the first Wednesday of each month, but the schedule may be adjusted on their Remind.

Participants are expected to bring their own mat and may also bring a change of clothes.

“People should come to yoga club because there’s a lot of stress at Manual and it’s just a really nice fun way to relieve ourselves,” Mehta said.

Purvis is temporarily teaching in the YPAS annex (YA14) due to renovations, but expects to be back in his regular room (332) by mid-October, in time for the third meeting.

Aanika Garre (12, MST) used to do yoga, but couldn’t always find the time for it before Yoga Club gave her the opportunity. 

“Manual is pretty stressful. I think yoga is a really good way to relax and let all that stress go away,” Garre said.

The club may hold fundraisers and it might offer stress-relieving yoga to students during testing in May. 

Around five to 10 people came to each club meetings last year and there may be food at some meetings this year.

This will be the Yoga Club’s third year, which Mehta founded as a sophomore.

“It’s a place that I definitely consider nice and cool and we can do what we want and do some yoga have some fun. It’s not too taxing like some of the academic clubs,” Mehta said.