Manual clubs to co-host screening of “Anthropocene: A Human Epoch”


duPont Manual’s World Wildlife Club and Environmental Club stand inside the Kentucky Capitol Building after the For Our Future Rally. Photo by Arianna Moya

Guest Contrubutor

This piece was submitted by Jordyn Coyle (10, J&C).

The Speed Art Cinema is holding a showing of “Anthropocene: A Human Epoch,” a movie about the human domination and destruction of our planet, Thursday, Sept. 26 at 3.

The showing is being co-hosted by Manual’s Kentucky Green Report, Environmental Club, and Young Earth Activists. Admission is $7, and though the screening is geared towards Manual students, all are welcome and encouraged to attend. 

Anthropocene is defined as the proposed current geological epoch in which humans are the primary cause of permanent planetary change. 

“‘Anthropocene’ shows the horrific scale of our impact on the environment,” Environmental Club officer, Norah Wulkopf (11, J&C), said. “With the Climate Strike going on along with the presidential primaries rapidly approaching, this is a great opportunity for students to get informed about the most pressing issue facing our nation.”

The movie was directed by Jennifer Baichwal, Nicholas De Pencier, and Edward Burtynsky. They began covering the subject of humans impacting the planet in 2006 with “Manufactured Landscapes,” and again in 2013 with “Watermarks.”

“I’ve seen the pre-screening, and I can say ‘Anthropocene is a fascinating film with stunning cinematography. It will expand your worldview,” Kentucky Green Report member, Satchel Walton (10, J&C), said.

“Anthropocene: A Human Epoch” comes at a time when climate change is very prevalent in the news with wildfires and rising sea levels discussed weekly by national news organizations like CNN and NBC. The film includes strong, real visuals and displays the active role of humans in the ever-growing issue of climate change. 

The prevention of climate change is a large topic of the 2020 presidential debates. CNN, for example, has already held a Democratic debate dedicated to discussing how candidates plan to counter the impacts of climate change. 

After the screening, the Kentucky Green Report, Environmental Club, and Young Earth Activists will co-host a panel to give viewers a chance to gain more information about the movie topics. This panel will also leave room for discussion about the viewing. The Speed Art Cinema holds around 130 people, and everyone who can is encouraged to attend.