25th annual Belknap Fall Festival goes on regardless of rain


Norah Wulkopf

The Belknap Neighborhood Association held its 25th annual Belknap Fall Festival on Oct. 10 and 11 at Douglass Loop regardless of weather complications.

“It didn’t rain for a month and now it’s raining, so that’s disappointing,” Patrick Carrico, festival cochair, said.

Local vendors and residents of all ages braved the rain to support local businesses and non-profit organizations that held booths and hosted activities.

“People are still coming out and looking, waiting to see what the weather does,” Gina Regal, a vendor selling shirts and jewelry, said.

The festival attracted the most people on Saturday, and normally brings in about 15,000 visitors 

“I really love seeing all the local artists, and it’s a really cool experience,” Luke Latto (12, MST) said.

While many members of the Belknap neighborhood attend the festival to socialize and look at what the vendors are selling or let their kids run around and play, some people are drawn in for other reasons.

“About two months ago, I went to an event where one of these bands was playing, and their music brings back memories from my childhood and high school. I’m here to see them mainly,” James Lang, a first time attendee, said.

Local bands Madmen Across the Water, E L Faux, Lost Tribe, The Louisville Leopards Percussionists, Mama Said String Band, Mojothunder and Mary Mary performed at the Belknap Fall Festival.

Featured image taken by Norah Wulkopf.