R/W 2019: RIDICULAM: A new spirit-themed digital backpack skill


Mr. Farmer hypes up the student section at a recent football game. “I only have one word for you, and it is Ramtastic!” Farmer said. Photo by Destiny Graham.

Adrienne Sato

Last week, Manual’s administration announced that in order to set Manual apart from the crowd, they are adding a Red/White Week themed category to the JCPS Digital Backpack for Manual students only. This backpack success skill, Ramtastic and Passionate Participant, is a Manual-specific Red/White week themed category. 

According to Manual administration, all students will be required to upload “proof of his or her school spirit through photo, video or essay” before they graduate from Manual. 

“They can take a picture of their costumes, or a video of how they get ready,” Mr. Farmer said. “Or if they aren’t the type of student to dress up, they can write an essay about what Manual means to them.” 

The goal of the new category is to engage everyone during Red/White Week. 

“This is not only a way to make sure every student is engaged in the school environment during the most exciting week of the year, but it also reflects the tendency for for our students to be RAMS, meaning they are respectful, act responsibly, make a difference and strive for that academic excellence,” Mr. Farmer said. “During Red/White week, the ‘S’ in RAMS sometimes turns from striving for academic excellence to school spirit only. This way, it can be both.” 

Students had mixed reactions to the idea. 

“I always go all out for Red/White Week,” John Smith (12, HSU) said. “But I’m not sure if my costumes could be classified as ‘ramtastic.’ That’s a pretty high bar.

A few students were slightly distressed. 

“I’ve already defended my backpack, so how will they know I’ve added something to the new category?” Jack Round (12, MST) said. “What if I wanted to add my surfer costume to my Globally and Culturally Competent Citizen category?”  

Jaqulen Westbrook (11, VA) laughed at the new backpack skill. “I’ll probably just upload a video from ‘High School Musical’ or something,” Westbrook said. 

After rumors of “prank uploads” like the one Westbrook mentioned, Farmer sent out an announcement threatening to cancel Red/White week if the fake uploads didn’t stop. 

“What is more important that school spirit and graduation requirements?” Farmer said, looking up while designing his latest t-shirt idea— a T-shirt with an actual backpack sewn on which reads “What is more important than school spirit and graduation requirements?” 

This article is satirical and is meant to be read and interpreted as such.