R/W Week 2019: Improvements to spirit week


Wisal El Majbri

Red/White Week is always jam-packed with events, decorations and themes all leading up to the big Male/Manual game on Friday. All the factors that play into making the week special take extensive planning from Executive Council who may be stuck at school for hours planning the week before. However, there are still some improvements that the student body would like to see to make the week even more spectacular.

The Costume Themes

In order to determine the themes every year, Executive council chooses a list of themes and hosts the penny wars so that the student body can vote for the top three options that will be used during the week. Some students suggest that perhaps there should be even more student input when determining the themes.

“I think that there should be more student input involved in the process as a whole. Perhaps they can ask for student suggestions for themes then narrow those down and let students vote again during penny wars,” Yaara Aleissa (10, J+C) said.

Other students urge their fellow peers to dress up in order to improve the overall spirit of the week.

“Students should stop being lame and actually dress up this year,” said Executive Council member Elizabeth Díaz (10, HSU).

The Pep Rally

Many students can vouch to coming back from the pep rally sweaty, exhausted and with busted eardrums. That’s what makes a pep rally a pep rally. While some of us may adore the high energy in pep rally’s, there are some students who can’t handle that much noise and stimulation and would rather avoid the headache.

To make sure that the day is still fun for all students,  it may be more inclusive if there was a separate activity planned for those who can’t handle the pep rally.

The Homework Overload

Many students have complained about excessive homework during red/white week. Especially considering the four day weekend at the end of the week, many teachers take this week to assign project due dates and unit tests.

Some students have even mentioned that they skipped events such as Ramstock and the Crimson Carnival in order to meet deadlines.

“I wish teachers would spread out the deadlines more instead of all of them assigning things during Red/White week,” Ashley Phan (10, VA) said.

The Top Improvement

Overall, the number one thing that students think would improve the week is more participation. The events and themes planned throughout the week are only as good as we make them, so in order to make the best out of Red/White week, the number one thing that matters is school spirit.

“This is going to be my last Red/White week, and I want more school spirit. Even the Freshman need to pull through and participate,” said Casey Weaver (12, VA).

Featured Image by Wisal El Majbri.