OPINION: Start celebrating Christmas on or after Thanksgiving


Ofelia Mattingly

As the temperature decreases and we get near winter, people get excited about the holiday season. Usually the first thing that comes to a person’s mind is Christmas as they think about the holiday season. While Christmas is probably my favorite holiday of them all, Thanksgiving is cool too. Even though Thanksgiving doesn’t have a great history, it is still a cool holiday that deserves its time to be celebrated.

Time off

Usually what people think about when they hear winter break, they think of Christmas. Winter break is arguably one of the best parts of the year. It’s a time to celebrate with family and friends, as well as rest up before entering the second half of the year.

That being said, Thanksgiving also has a break too. Thanksgiving break is a nice and random break for students to relax and have an excuse to hang out with family and friends. While it doesn’t include gift giving, it does give you a short break away from school and the chance to eat a lot of good food.


Decorating before Thanksgiving doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to put up the decorations with extended family, but decorating on Thanksgiving gives you the opportunity to decorate with people you normally don’t see. With no real excuses to hang out with family members you don’t see often before Thanksgiving, decorating by yourself can be boring and take away from the joy of hanging up Christmas decorations.

When you get together with your family on Thanksgiving, you can start off the Christmas season by hanging up decorations, watch movies and TV specials and listen to the festive music that is only socially acceptable for this time of year. It can bring your family and friends together and you get a beautiful end product that will hang up for over a month long.

Last year when it was a day before Thanksgiving, we put up the Christmas tree. No, we did not decorate it, we just had it up so we can decorate it the next day. On Thanksgiving while we were preparing for Thanksgiving dinner, my family decorated the Christmas tree together and made it beautiful. After dinner we put up the decorations outside. It was fun since we were all together, which isn’t often.

All in all, the end of the year is an exciting time. The joy from Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas is exciting, but each holiday comes with its own perks and own things to look forward to, so give Thanksgiving its time to shine and get ready for Christmas during or after Thanksgiving.