Manual female athletes represented on National Letter of Intent Day


Payton Carns

Several of Manual’s female athletes from a variety of sports will participate in a National Letter of Intent Day tomorrow, where they will officially sign the documents that will commit them to a post-secondary school where they will be continuing their athletic journey.

The signing will take place on Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. in Manual’s auditorium. Students are welcome to attend upon approval from their fourth block teacher.

Wednesday’s signing will include eight female athletes representing field hockey, cross country/track and soccer.

National Letter of Intent Day is spread throughout the year, including senior athletes from all sports committing to an NCAA Division I or II school. With the letter, each athlete is contractually agreeing to attend the school for at least one year.

In order to sign a letter of intent, you need to be offered athletic financial aid to attend the university as well as a scholarship. Walk-on athletes do not sign a letter of intent.

When this letter is signed, no other schools will be able to recruit the athlete.

Sports not including basketball or football have an initial signing date of November 13th and they have up until August 1st, 2020 to sign.

Basketball (D1) has an early signing period from November 13th to November 20th and then a regular signing period from April 15th to May 20th, 2020.

Football has an early signing period from November 18th to November 20th, a mid-year signing period from December 18th to January 15th, 2020 and then a regular signing period from February 5th to April 1st for Division I schools and August 1st for Division II schools.

While the athletes may have verbally committed as early as their freshman year, they are unable to officially sign until their senior year.

As other dates in the fall, winter and spring appear, other Manual athletes will continue to sign to their respective schools.

Featured Image by E.P. Presnell.