Manual students who don’t celebrate Christmas

Wisal El Majbri, Staffer

Many people from all corners of the world relate to last-minute gift shopping sprees, decorating and holiday songs leading up to Christmas day. While a few don’t like Christmas for its high stress, and others just cruise through it, most who celebrate the holiday absolutely love it when the time of Hallmark movies, Christmas lights and gingerbread finally rolls around.

After finals season finally ends, worn-out students are left to look forward to the Christmas parties, gifts and perhaps visiting family; however, what do students who don’t celebrate Christmas think of the holiday season, and how do they celebrate their winter break?

Some incorporate some Christmas themes into their break.

“Personally, despite not celebrating the holiday, I’ve always loved the Christmas feel and the aesthetic of it such as the lights and music. A few years ago due to my sisters urging, we started a household Secret Santa that’s always fun and we all celebrate my cousin’s birthday on New Years which I look forward to,” Yaara Aleissa (10, J+C) said.

Others have their own holidays that they celebrate this time of year.

“I celebrate Hanukkah. It lasts 8 days and sometimes it’s over break, some years it’s not. Besides Hanukkah, my family goes on vacation. We normally go skiing in Colorado. We spend a week out there. I enjoy break even though I’m not Christian. Having two weeks to just decompress and have a break from school is very nice. However I do think Hanukkah is very overlooked this time of year,” Emily McCurry (10, J+C) said.

And others just spend the weeks off chilling or perhaps doing fun winter activities such as going to camp.

“Mostly over winter break I just spend time catching up on sleep and hanging out with friends like everyone does you know,” Maryam Albaz (11, MST) said.

Featured image by Wisal El Majbri.