Manual’s J&C Magnet travels to Washington D.C.


The view of DC’s skyline from the Martin Luther King Memorial, taken during a moonlight bus tour of the city. Photo by Isaac Barnett

Guest Contributor

This piece was submitted by Isaaac Barnett (10, J&C)

Manual’s Journalism and Communications magnet (J&C) took their biannual trip to the National Scholastic Press Association (NSPA) and Journalism Education Association (JEA) National Journalism Convention from Nov. 19-24, 

This fall the convention took place in Washington D.C., and the 50 students and six chaperones took a 12-hour bus ride together on Tuesday morning.

During their five-day stay, the students had opportunities to go to different sessions and hear professional journalists and photojournalists speak. A notable speaker was Mary Beth Tinker, one of the students who wore a black armband as a part of a free speech movement in the ’60s. This turned into a landmark Supreme Court case that defined First Amendment rights of students in U.S. public schools.

“I learned about the Tinker vs. Des Moines case in Freshman year, and it was an incredible opportunity to get to meet her,” Zoë Paige (10, J&C) said.

The students also had the chance to go on a tour of the White House on Wednesday. After visiting the White House, students then spent the rest of the day going to various Smithsonian museums of their choice including the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden, the National Air and Space Museum and the National History Museum.

On Thursday, the students went to the Newseum, a seven story, 250,000 square foot building that showcases the evolution of communication and journalism through the years.

“The Newseum was my favorite part of the trip,” Brennan Eberwine (9, J&C) said. 

After that, the students went on a tour of the capitol building and met Senators Mitch McConnell (who is a duPont Manual alumnus) and Ted Cruz. After touring around the building, the students got to sit in on a Senate meeting.

“I think the trip overall was a big success,” Mrs. Margaret Mattingly (Photojournalism/Yearbook/English) said. “We got a lot accomplished in the few days we were here.” 

J&C Senior, Kyra Johnson, also felt like she got a lot out of the trip.

 “I think I learned a lot at the conference about what I can do with journalism beyond writing a story or taking a picture,”Johnson said.