Goals to consider for the new year

Aliyah Lang

Try something new

Experiencing a new interest will help broaden your horizons. Overall, you will expose yourself to new people or an alternative engagement than your usual. Depending on how things pan out, you might have discovered a new interest or found something you might not necessarily enjoy.

“Last year I really didn’t do anything. This year, I want to try new things and hope that 2020 will be more exciting,” Jacob Mann (10, HSU) said. 

Take more control of your finances

Financial longevity is very important and crucial to take charge of while you’re ahead. Whether you are a student who needs money for college, life after school, a car or extra spending money, saving money will only benefit you. If you are an adult and have any debt, such as student loans, a car loan or house mortgage, attempt to pay down more each month than usual to increase the time it’s paid off.

“One of my resolutions for this year is to hopefully pay off my debt,” Mr. Burton (security) said. 

Improve your well-being

This year, take time for yourself and focus on what aspect of yourself needs the most attention.

“Since I had surgery and lost muscle, I want to be able to write full extension and lose about 30 pounds,” Mr. Testerman (Biology and Anatomy) said. 

Giving your well-being the recognition it deserves will reduce stress levels, increase satisfaction and influence more positive involvement. Ways to achieve the benefits listed are exercising, a healthy sleep schedule, planning ahead and staying well organized.

Better your craft

Your “craft,” can mean your job, school or any sports or clubs you may participate in. The main way to improve at this is repetition, whether it’s studying a topic you may not understand or practicing a weakness.

“I mainly want to pass my two AP (Advanced Placement) Exams, AP European History and AP Macroeconomics. I also want to try to get a 4.0 GPA,” Muskan Jamshed (10, HSU) said.

While doing so, it’s important that your body gets the rest it needs to perform at such a level. Improving at what you have an interest in will increase self-satisfaction, and give immediate or long term reward. 

Featured Image by Aliyah Lang.

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