Manual introduces a new RAMtastic snack bar

Zoe Paige

The new snack bar is now open in the freshman cafeteria and is open from the end of breakfast until the end of fifth lunch.

After weeks of anticipation, the new Ram-tastic Snack Bar is now open.

The snack bar, located at the main entrance in the freshman cafeteria to the left, is a new off-shoot of the main lunch line that serves some of the snacks and drinks found at the end of the regular lunch line.

It is an addition to the freshman cafeteria, and snack and drinks are still available at the end of the lunch line.

Most student favorites including chips, water, Propels, Pop Tarts and snack bars are available for purchase.

Students can stop by the snack bar and grab their favorite snacks or drinks after the breakfast line closes until the end of fifth lunch. 

If no one is working at the bar, they have a handy little bell that students can ring and someone will come over and help them.

Students can also go to the snack bar and put money into their lunch accounts there, however they can still utilize the main lunch line to do so as well. 

Students and teachers agree that the snack bar is a great way to divert some of the foot traffic that goes through the main lunch line, making the process quicker and more efficient.

“It cuts the line in half so you don’t have to wait in line with the rest of the students,” Mery Muluberehan (12, MST) said.

Whenever you get a chance swing by the freshman cafeteria to check it out, it’s an easy way to grab your favorite snack without the hassle of a long line.

The new Ram-tastic Snack Bar is now open in the freshman cafeteria, stop by to grab a snack, drink, or to put money on your lunch account.