Manuals favorite Halloween movies


Graphic by Kayleigh Knight.

Kayleigh Knight

With the Halloween season just beginning, many like to celebrate by watching movies with friends and family. With all of the options out there, it’s difficult to choose which one to watch. Students of Manual picked out their favorite Halloween movie to watch during the ‘spooky season.’

Hocus Pocus

Submitted by Story Napier (10, HSU)

After moving to Salem, Max has to learn to deal with the town’s obsession with Halloween. While trying to win over his classmate Allison’s heart, the two kids along with Max’s little sister Dani unleash the spirits of three witches and spend the entire movie trying to stop them from wreaking havoc on the town. “Every year my mom and I watch it, it’s one of my favorite Halloween traditions,” Napier said.

Halloween Town

Submitted by Whitney Motley (12, HSU)

After following their grandmother Aggie home, Gwen and her three kids Marnie, Dylan and Sophie find out that Aggie is a witch. But trouble is in the air, and on her 13th birthday, Marnie discovers that not only is she a witch, but that the fate of the world rests on her shoulders. “I grew up watching Disney channel and ‘Monstober’ is just superior to any other Disney seasonal shows,” Motley said. 


Submitted by Mary Margaret Vickers (10, VA)

After moving to a bland new town, Coraline is instantly bored. While exploring her new house, she discovers a secret door that leads to a magical new world that seems too good to be true. Coraline soon discovers that it isn’t what it seems after her ‘other mother’ shows her true intentions and Coraline has to fight for her life. “Coraline just has the coolest stop motion animation and color schemes that give the perfect Halloween/spooky vibe. The main song is so satisfying to listen to, the plot is funny and developed and creepy and Wybie’s character is just the best,” Vickers said.

Nightmare Before Christmas

Submitted by Aiden Clark (11, MST)

Every year the residents of Halloweentown frighten the people of the ‘normal world’, and as the pumpkin king, Jack Skellington right in the middle of it. After discovering the bright Christmastown Jack becomes bored with the same routine and decides to kidnap Santa and steal Christmas. However, he soon learns that he’s better off sticking to being spooky rather than jolly. “I’m more into Halloween movies that have a humor aspect and not a horror aspect, so I’ve always really liked the Nightmare Before Christmas,” Clark said.

Hubie Halloween

Submitted by Breanna Booth (12, HSU)

Hubie Dubois is a huge fan of Halloween, much to his town’s annoyance. On Halloween night in Salem, Hubie discovers a dead man in a cornfield and tries to call it in, but the police hang up on him due to his history of pranks. It’s then up to him to solve the mystery and save the town as things get more chaotic. “This movie came out this year and I just think it’s super funny. It has a good amount of actors from different movies and shows, so it brought back old memories. It was good to see so many known actors in one movie!” Booth said.

Monster House

Submitted by Lia Royer (10, J&C)

13-year-old DJ has a strange feeling about the house across the street, and the man that lives inside. And when his neighbor has a heart attack, DJ thinks the worst is over. But he and his friends Chowder and Jenny soon discover that the house is alive, and they have to defeat it before Halloween to save the lives of innocent trick-or-treaters. “It’s just a classic, funny, and slightly scary movie that I’ve loved for a long time!” Royer said.

Watching spooky movies is a great way to spend the Halloween season, and there are plenty of movies to choose from. From kid-friendly to horror films, there’s a Halloween movie for every audience member.