Student opinions on Halloween during COVID-19

What do Manual students think?


Isabella Bonilla

How do student’s feel about Halloween celebrations during COVID 19?

Isabella Bonilla

Halloween is just around the corner; but with the pandemic still in full swing and the country potentially entering a third wave, Governor Beshear and Dr. Steven Stack, the state’s public health commissioner, have asked Kentuckians to re-envision how they celebrate. 

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duPont Manual students have their own thoughts on these guidelines and how Halloween should be carried out this year. Some students have come up with innovative ideas for trick-or-treating, including plans for candy distribution. 

“Just throw candy at kids from like 10 feet away for trick or treating. Haunted houses are going to be a no for me, lots of close contact with people, and people screaming and stuff. Masks with costumes makes sense,” Cooper Walton (9, J+C) said. 

“A pulley system. Connect a bowl to a string and lower it and let kids take some or just have gloves and masks. Very simple,” Trinity Durham (9, J+C) said.

“I definitely think masks should be enforced while trick or treating, maybe instead of going door to door, have goodie bags sit outside in a bucket so there is less contact,” Emily Githens (10, HSU) said.

“What I would love is for everyone to get like those little dinosaur grabber sticks and hand out candy that way. It would be so fun,” Juliette Cabral (12, YPAS) said.

“I think trick or treating sounds like a good idea, but it would nice if people used the railing to their homes to make a little shoot where they put candy down and the kids put their bags under the shoot so the candy could slide into their bags from the shoot,” Emma Gonzalez (9, J+C) said. 

“For trick or treating purposes I know my neighborhood is pre-packaging all of the candy in like little bags that we can hand out so kids aren’t digging around in the bowl of candy,” Katelynn White (12, YPAS) said. 

Out of the sample of students interviewed, there was a general disagreement over whether events such as trick or treating or haunted houses should continue to operate. 

“I think we should still be able to have haunted houses and small parties as long as we wear masks,” Penelope Godbey (9, VA) said. 

“Haunted houses should be open with limited capacity and mandatory mask wearing. However, I don’t think trick or treating is safe because of germs,” Leena Bandras (9, MST) said. 

I think people should wear masks with their costumes so they can go trick-or-treating, but I don’t think big attractions should be open like haunted houses or Kentucky Kingdom or anything,” Katie Buchanan (11, YPAS) said. 

One senior came up with a unique perspective on how to incorporate masks into the festivities.

“Hear me out- ‘rona masquerade party,” Elshaddai Melaku (12, MST) said. 

Some students think we should skip trick or treating altogether and look for alternatives instead.  

“Netflix party with friends and watch a scary movie, bake those little cookies with the pumpkins on them…and yes always wear a mask obviously, also remember to manifest something under the full moon on Halloween,” Van Pham (9, HSU) said.

“For Halloween this year, there should be at-home activities such as horror movie marathons, baking Halloween cookies, etc, for the safety of everyone,” Pausha Bovornthamajak (10, VA) said. 

“I don’t think people should do trick or treating so that people who may have been exposed to the virus aren’t carrying it and giving it to other people,” Christopher Gissendaner (9, YPAS) said. 

“Trick-or-treating shouldn’t be happening, but something as simple as letting kids & their parents walk around their neighborhood (obviously while wearing masks) to see decorations and other’s costumes seems fair game to enjoy Halloween,” Eva Cardwell (11, VA) said.

Other students believe that typical Halloween celebrations shouldn’t be restricted by the pandemic.

“Do Halloween like normal,” Mya Spoelker (11, VA) said. 

“Reschedule it. I think Halloween in June would be fun,” Bailey McFadden (9, HSU) said.

Despite the rising cases, Halloween looks to continue as normal but with a couple of changes. Governor Beshear recommends placing candy down and spread out for kids to grab. Just remember to have fun and stay safe this Halloween.