STAFF EDITORIAL: RedEye’s favorite winter holiday activities


RedEye Staff and

You know winter has truly hit when the weather gets colder, wildlife starts disappearing and schools let out. The winter break has allowed students the opportunity to enjoy this new season and soon to be new year.  For some, specific holidays such as Christmas or New Years’ garner all the excitement, while others find joy in simply taking time from their normal hectic schedules and having a period of relaxation. Here’s what RedEye is most excited about this time of the year. 

Isabella Bonilla (Assignment Editor) 

“My favorite thing to do during the holiday season is enjoy the cozy weather and help others. I love picking out meaningful gifts and getting to see my family.”

James Miller (Advisor) 

“This year, my favorite thing to do will be to snuggle our new puppy.”

Payton Carns (Editor-in-Chief)  

“My favorite thing to do during the holiday season is just unwinding from all the school stress and spending time away from my screens. My family doesn’t do a whole lot for Christmas so it’s usually a very peaceful and relaxing time!”

Molly Gregory (Multimedia and Design Director) 

“My favorite thing to do during the holidays is eat the food that my family prepares. We have a lot of really yummy Christmas-specific dishes that remind me of the season.”

Jessica Carney-Perks (AD/PR Director)  

“During holiday break, I take time to experiment with my hair. From deep conditioning, twists, slick backs, I take time to enjoy the luxury of doing me. There is no social expectation or weird looks during a zoom call, it’s just my natural hair doing it’s natural thing.”