Are New Year’s resolutions worth setting?


Graphic by Kayleigh Knight.

Kayleigh Knight

While most people make resolutions for the new year, they often drop them by February. They don’t follow through on their resolutions because they forget or simply become unmotivated. According to an article from the New York Post, most people quit their resolution by Jan. 12. But why make the resolutions in the first place? And do resolutions actually work, or are they something that people do because it’s what they’re used to?

Some people think resolutions are important, but they’re too hard to keep. “In my opinion, resolutions are always hard and I don’t usually stick with them.” Aiden Clark (11, MST) said. “People should do what they want to try to make their lives a little better”

Others can’t keep them because they’re too busy. “I have struggled to follow through with my New Year’s resolution in the past just because of life. It’s always about time for me, I never have enough time for the resolutions I make, I get too overwhelmed.” Breanna Booth (12, HSU) said. “I think they are good to make, they help you set goals for your future. I think it depends on the type of resolution you make for yourself.” 

For others, new year’s resolutions are just something they make because they grew up doing so, not because they want to achieve them. “I remember in elementary school we would write them down in language arts class but their significance never stood out to me back then,” Meredith Snyder (10, J&C) said.

For Molly Greenwell (10, J&C), resolutions aren’t that important. “I did not [stick with my resolution], mostly because I forget,” Greenwell said. “I think that they’re good as an overview of what your year should be like, but I don’t think that specific resolutions are very helpful. For example, I want to learn more, be a better person vs. I want to work out 5 times a week.”

Some people don’t think resolutions are necessary at all. “New Year’s resolutions barely work. What’s the point really? Why do something just because it’s a new year.” Story Napier (10, HSU) said. “If I have a goal I’m gonna pace myself and do it because I want to.”

In the end, it comes to whether or not someone can stick with their resolution. For some, it helps change their life for the better, whether it be losing weight or studying more. For others, it’s just something fun to do at the beginning of the year, and it doesn’t matter if they keep it. However, most people find resolutions unnecessary and just set goals for themselves throughout the year as they see fit.