MST Catalysts to host 4th annual trivia night

Isabella Bonilla

The MST Catalysts, a non-profit, parent-run board that supports the MST program, will be hosting their 4th annual trivia night fundraiser on Friday, January 29, at 7 pm. This virtual trivia night will be hosted using the platform Whiz Trivia and costs $20 per person, with a prize for the winning team. Door prizes will also be drawn between each round. 

Visit this site to register or make a donation.   

The MST Catalysts are hosting their fourth annual Trivia Night fundraiser, but this time it’s virtual.

As in the past, this is a team event with no restrictions on the number of people in a team. The chosen team captain will register all group members and submit both a team name and email for the Zoom link to be sent to. 

Whiz Trivia is a company experienced in running virtual trivia events. At the beginning of each round, a Google Form will be sent to the Zoom chat where team members will submit their answers. After questions for a topic are read, each team is sent to their own private breakout room in order to discuss and fill out the Google Form. This method allows people in different locations but on the same team to still be able to come together in an organized, efficient manner. Further questions about the Zoom experience can be answered here.

Replicating the energy from past events – with over a hundred people crammed into the Senior cafeteria, gathered around tables, speaking in hushed tones with their teammates lest the competitors overhear their answers, loudly celebrating or lamenting when the answers are read — will certainly not be possible with a virtual event. But we didn’t want the pandemic to stop us from offering a safe way for current, former, and incoming students to have fun with their friends and families — even if they can’t be in the same room or the same city! So this year is more about offering a social event to bring families and friends together to have fun,” Erin Shinkle, a board member of the MST Catalysts, said. 

In previous years Ms. Moss (Science) acted as emcee and prepared the questions; Whiz Trivia will take over as emcee this time, but she has still crafted the questions in order to maintain the Manual spirit of the event. These questions have a mix of music, popular culture, general academic and STEM-related categories and the MST Catalysts have emphasized that they hope students and families from all magnets will participate. 

Proceeds from former Trivia Nights have seen the launch of the Engineering program, events like the MST ice cream social and the ability to purchase both classroom resources and recognition awards, such as the MST Junior Scholar Awards. This year, the Catalysts hope to use funds to continue celebrating students, staff and invest in future MST programming and activities for when school resumes in-person.