OPINION: If you attended a Super Bowl party, please quarantine


Liv Bohler

The Super Bowl has the potential to cause a spike in Covid-19 numbers just as they begin to improve.

Liv Bohler

While attending a Super Bowl Party is a widely celebrated American tradition, this was undoubtedly the year to celebrate small and stay home.

While at a Super Bowl Party sharing condiments, chanting for your team of choice, or surrounding the television with your friends to get a closer look at the last play—you risk spreading coronavirus.

Prior to the Super Bowl, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) announced that “the safest way to watch the Super Bowl this year is at home with people you live with.” However, many did not heed this warning. If you are one of them, please consider quarantining for the next two weeks and monitoring for COVID symptoms seeing as the CDC has repeated that, “attending a large gathering or event increases your chance of being in close contact with people outside your household and being exposed to COVID-19.”

As a member of a less at-risk category, it is possible to catch coronavirus and not experience fatal results, however, it is likely you will be in contact with people who are not as lucky. Even if you’ve had a recent negative test or not experiencing symptoms, it is still possible to spread coronavirus.

This year the Super Bowl was held at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida. A stadium that ordinarily holds a 65,000 seating capacity. This year, the majority of the stadium was filled with cutouts of NFL fans, and only 25,000 fans were in in-person attendance.

When Norah O’Donnell asked President Biden about Super Bowl attendance in the future while in a CBS interview, he stated, “It’s my hope and expectation, if we’re able to put together and make up for all the lost time-fighting COVID that’s occurred, we’ll be able to watch the Super Bowl with a full stadium” President Biden said.

On the Today Show, President Biden’s Chief Medical Advisor spoke on the matter.

If you continue to ignore COVID restrictions, next year we will be in the same situation that we are today so I urge you to do your part and make covid-conscious decisions.