Five ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day during COVID-19


Graphic by Taya Bunch.

Taya Bunch

Valentine’s Day is celebrated every year for people and their loved ones to spend time with each other. This year, however, many things that people used to do to celebrate, such as go to the movies or out to eat, are not possible due to COVID-19. Here are some ways of celebrating the holiday while staying safe during COVID: 

1. Virtual Movie Date

Due to movie theaters being closed, people have created extensions, such as Teleparty, for people to watch movies with their friends. This way a group of friends can relax at home without the need to social distance and wear a mask and spend time with each other over a Valentine’s Day romance movie. 

2. Send a Gift

Sending a gift is a good option for those that are at risk of being seriously affected by COVID-19 and want to take extra precautions, while still being able to celebrate with those they care about. Online websites, such as Amazon, offer the choice of having a package being sent to a different location as a gift. 

3. Game Nights

A good way to have fun with a bunch of friends and stay safe during COVID is a game night. Due to COVID, it could be difficult to get a group of friends together to play with each other in person, however, video games allow groups of friends to compete and hang out online. No matter if it’s a light-hearted game like Among Us or an intense battle royale like Call of Duty, a game night is a great way to spend time with loved ones during Valentine’s Day. 

4. Make Sweets

Whether it’s with a loved one or by yourself, making sweets is a great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. There are numerous Valentine’s Day treats, such as chocolate covered strawberries and heart-shaped cakes, as well as simply making cupcakes and cookies. Either way, sweets are a fun way to show appreciation to loved ones on Valentine’s Day. 

5. Go Shopping

Shopping is a fun way to spend time with friends or a significant other on Valentine’s Day. Going to their favorite stores, whether it’s Target or Barnes and Nobles, and browsing the aisles is a good way to get out and see people while staying safe and wearing a mask. 

Valentine’s Day is a day for people who care about each other to spend time together, whether it’s watching a cheesy romantic comedy virtually, or going shopping at the local Target. However, it is also important to stay safe and help prevent the spread of COVID.