Manual bowling team defeats J-town

Sam Coryell

On Thursday, Dec. 15, the Manual Boys Bowling team defeated Jeffersontown High School in three out of the four matches they played.

Manual won the first two matches 683-660 and 627-606. The third match was dominated by a J-town bowler who almost bowled a perfect game (300); he helped lead his team to a 660-683 win over the Crimsons. In the final match, Manual defeated J-town 631-640.

Despite the one loss, Manual coach Tom Shulak said the team had met its expectations. “There’s no defense in bowling, you can only control what you do, and we did that well,” said Coach Shulak.

Coach Shulak said the players that performed particularly well were Bricker Oxley (9) and Cameron Shulak (12).