How Manual seniors are celebrating their end of the year


Molly Gregory

The class of 2021 begins their final walkthrough of the building after a year of education affected by COVID-19. Photo by Molly Gregory.

Laila Hill

It is safe to say that many did not expect the events that occurred in 2020 to happen. In the spring of 2020, Mr. Farmer (previous principal of Manual) had came on the announcements declaring that school would resume after spring break. School returning in spring turned into the end of April. That led to May and essentially extended all the way until March of 2021, a whole year later.

COVID-19 threw students though an unpredictable whirlwind. Seniors had been stripped of their senior year once again. 

“I’ll miss having the full high school experience and senior year it just wasn’t the same,” Channing Lacour (HSU 12) expressed.

Additionally, sports were constantly on the look out for cancellations and rule changes. Each team had to adjust in some form of way. The online school year inevitably seemed to drag on for forever, but like all things, it came to an end.

Now that the 2021 school year has been wrapped up, many seniors are taking time to reflect on everything. Here is a collection of seniors thoughts and intentions on how to end the year.

“My most fun memory would have to be senior movie night and the senior walk! I have a few parties I plan on attending to celebrate everything,” Amarriah Russell (YPAS, 12) said.

“This school year was alright. At times, it was fun to be able to do things from home and have energy, but it was also sad and difficult to miss out. I plan on going to a few graduation get togethers,” Emma Huang (MST, 12) added.

Byron Mayes (HSU, 12) additionally intends to end their send off by partying. They declared that their favorite school memory was “senior field day and being able to be with my friends and laugh one last time.”

“My best memory was probably when I was told I could gradate early, but I plan on eating at Ramsi’s to have fun,” Maya Hardin (VA, 12) said.