Sam Meyers Hall to undergo renovations

Isabella Bonilla and Aiden Bonilla

On July 27, the JCPS board revealed that a HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) renovation at Sam Meyers Hall, will be taking place later this year. Many may know Sam Meyers Hall as the YPAS Annex and a good portion of both YPAS and Manual students have classes in that building. 

The July 27 JCPS board meeting highlighted HVAC renovations at Sam Meyers Hall. Photo courtesy of James Miller.

However, students don’t need to worry about any of the renovations interfering with their class placement or schedules. This particular renovation is scheduled to start the summer of 2022 and will ideally conclude before the 2022 fall semester begins. So, unlike the Manual renovations a few years ago, no student or teacher will experience class displacement. 

Sam Meyers Hall is roughly around 120 years old and has undergone a few updates since its first opening, most recently in 2007 with the addition of new restrooms, an elevator and Manual field hockey locker rooms. That was also the last time its HVAC system was updated, costing the district $1,590,426.

As expensive as that may seem, HVAC systems are critical components of having clean airflow. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency states that, “indoor air quality is two to five times worse than outdoor air, mostly since the air flow is congested. This polluted air within your home can cause colds to linger longer and allergies to be more severe.” The HVAC system will circulate and ensure the filtration of fresh, outdoor air with the inside air.

Proper HVAC updates and maintenance also helps reduce mold growth over time by pulling out warm, moist air in exchange for drier, cooler air flow.

What do these renovations mean?

YPAS can look forward to updated lighting and a modern HVAC system after the contractors finish. This means that the heating and cooling units will be more effective and energy efficient, as well as provide a cleaner air flow. The goal is to install modern facilities while still maintaining the original character and integrity of the hall.