Manual seniors paint parking spots

Isaac Barnett

This Saturday, Manual’s Best Buddies club hosted an event from 10 to 6 where Manual seniors got creative with decorating their parking spots. The event was a fundraiser for the club and students paid $20 to be able to paint a design on their spot in the senior parking lot.

“I painted robot Mr. Krabs and chef Spongebob sitting at a red and white checkered table. On the table is my diploma. Above the two characters it says, “Ravioli ravioli give me my diplomioli,” with the classic sky flowers from Spongebob in the background,” Annabelle O’Neal (12, VA) said.

Anna Schroll (12, J&C) asked her friends for help with her spot. Rafael Mediodia (12, VA) helped her paint the spot and sketched out the frog that was part of her design.

“I am really indecisive so I texted some of my friends to ask them what I should paint and one of them said a frog. I am painting a pond with lily pads and a flower, and on top of the flower there is a green frog,” Anna Schroll (12, J&C) said.

Other students, like Anabelle O’Neal (12, VA), drew inspiration from their childhood and their family.

“I have always loved SpongeBob and I have been watching it since I can remember. I used to watch it with my grandparents when they would babysit me when I was little. So I had to have my pawpaw help me with this project. At the end of my parking spot, I put an AB/P for him and me,” Anabelle O’Neal (12, VA) said.