R/W Week: What to expect for Red/White Week


Payton Carns

The seniors cheering at their last Red White Week pep rally. Photo by Payton Carns.

Isabella Bonilla and Zoe Paige

Red/White Week begins October 25 and concludes on October 29 with the Male v. Manual football game. Many students have long awaited the return to school on Monday and are ready to jump into the festivities. However, two groups of students, the freshmen and sophomores, have little idea or expectation for what this all will look like. RedEye received multiple questions from underclassmen in response to an Instagram poll, so we decided to bring a few upperclassmen in to help answer them.


  1.  Do we have class colors?
  2.  If you don’t participate in a day will you be looked at as weird?
  3.  Are you ready to see Male be embarrassed?
  4.  What is Ramstock?
  5.  Can you wear your Halloween costume on Spirit Day?
  6.  Can you explain Doomsday and Spirit Day?
  7.  What advice do you have for the underclassmen?

John Woodhouse (12, J&C) and Kennedy Hampton (12, HSU) gave their advice, wisdom and knowledge about this long-established and electrifying spirit week.

Listen to Woodhouse’s response:

Listen to Hampton’s response:

Additional Questions

  1. What time does the events after school happen? (See graphic)
Graphic courtesy of duPont Manual Executive Council.

2. What are hushtags and are we having them this year?

Hushtags are slips of paper that are given to a certain group of people (either boys or girls) to wear all of Thursday. The group of people wearing the hushtags cannot speak to the opposite group of people, or else they must give up their hushtag. It’s a game of who can either collect the most tags or retain theirs for the entire day. Girls and others will be the group wearing the hushtags this year. 

3. How did Red/White begin?

Red/White Week didn’t start until 60 years after the first Male v. Manual game, which occurred in 1893. It originally began as only a spirit day and was created by the assistant principal in order to boost school spirit and cooperation among the recently co-ed school. Check out our 2019 article for an in-depth explanation and more information.