YClub triumphs during KYA at the Crowne Plaza


Lily Wobbe (12, J&C), Sabreen Hussain (12, HSU), Ms. Causey, Andrew Kelmanson (12, MST), Lauren Wood (11, MST) pose at KYA.

Guest Contributor

This piece was submitted by Ashley Park (10, J&C).

Last weekend at the first high school Kentucky Youth Assembly (KYA) conference of 2021, Manual’s YClub brought home four individual awards, two delegation awards, had four bills signed by the Governor and Lieutenant Governor and three students elected as 2022 Presiding Officers. 

YClub meets every Thursday to discuss and prepare for the two conferences that they attend every year, KYA and the Kentucky United Nations Assembly (KUNA). 

“It’s a phenomenal club. . . It’s a stellar group of kids who do a lot of work and have really big hearts.” Ms. Causey, the club’s sponsor, said. 

The KYA conference was held at the Crowne Plaza  last weekend from November 4-6. Students at the high school level attend to represent their schools and propose bills in front of their peers. The bills are debated on the floor, and, if passed, can even be signed by the KYA Governor and Lieutenant Governor.

It’s an opportunity for students to experience state government, share ideas, challenge yourself intellectually and make friends.

“Going to KYA was like going home. The atmosphere was joyful and making new and old friends created an indescribable feeling. Being in a place where your beliefs are taken so seriously by the people around you is honestly heartwarming. I’ve made so many great friends at KYA and I cannot wait for next year,” Acacia Lopez (10, J&C) said. 

After three days of multiple rounds of debating and speeches, four Manual students were commended for their individual performances. Sovann Su (11, MST), Brooklyn Abrams (12, MST), Lauren Wood (11, MST), and Ava Yates (10, HSU) received awards for Outstanding Delegate, Outstanding Speaker, Outstanding Speaker, and finally for debating in the Supreme Court showcase round, respectively. 

As a school, Manual won an award for Outstanding Statesmanship and for being a Premier Delegation. 

Finally, elected as 2022 KYA Presiding Officers were Lauren Wood (11, MST) as Governor, Valerie Mohrmann (9, MST) as Lieutenant Governor, and Dannhi Nguyen (11, YPAS) as Chief Justice.