Tornado relief across the state and how you can help


JCPS is holding a Stuff the Bus event to collect items to donate to people impacted by the tornadoes.

Kaelin Gaydos

On Saturday, December 11, a series of tornadoes ravaged several states in the U.S., including counties in western Kentucky. Many towns suffered loss of life, power outages, and the destruction of homes and other buildings.

A candle manufacturing company in Mayfield was hit while it was still operating. 40 people were rescued from the factory, but eight have been confirmed dead and eight more are still missing.

The tornado that hit Mayfield traveled on the ground for over 200 miles, starting in Tennessee and making its way through Kentucky.

Already nearly 80 people in the state are dead, and Governor Beshear said that he expects the death toll to reach at least 100. Even more people are displaced. At least one thousand homes have been destroyed in the area.

The governor stated that power outages are increasing, and it is estimated that to restore power in the city of Bowling Green will take weeks. “The devastation is unlike anything I have seen in my life and I have trouble putting it into words,” Beshear said.

President Biden has also issued an emergency declaration for Kentucky, after saying that it was one of the largest tornado disasters in the U.S. ever to occur.

There are many things being done to help those in parts of the state that were hit hard by the storm.

Governor Beshear set up the Team Western Kentucky Tornado Relief Fund to collect money to donate.

JCPS is also holding a “Stuff the Bus” event to collect donations of bottled water, tarps, canned/boxed food, baby supplies, and hygiene supplies to donate to those impacted by the storms. You can drop your donations off in front of the VanHoose Education Building this week Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.