Meet Jordan Woosley, Manual’s newest science teacher


Jordan Woosley

This is Mr. Woosley’s coonhound husky mix dog Beans! Photo by Jordan Woosley.

Dia Cohen

As students at Manual High School, we are often reminded of the lofty expectations placed on us. However, we occasionally overlook that teachers are also subject to some of those expectations. Mr. Jordan Woosley, a new science teacher at Manual, expresses how he felt upon starting at the school. 

“So, starting at a new school is always scary versus already at a big school like this where the expectations I think are so high,” Mr. Woosley said.

As students, we aren’t always conscious of the lives teachers hold beyond the school doors. They have hobbies, opinions and other interests that help us relate to them.

Outside the classroom, Mr. Woosley is interested in the snatch and clean and jerk Olympic lifting. He also spends most of his time hiking with his two wonderful rescue dogs, named Beans and Lambeau. Beans is a coonhound husky mix, while Lambeau, his newer puppy, is an Australian cattle dog mix. Mr. Woosley trained Beans to obey commands in Spanish. 

The Spanish word for beans is frijoles, so I’ll say frijoles venga aquí, and then for five I’ll tell her cinco,” he said.

During his one-on-one interview, Mr. Woosley recounted his four years of teaching experience at Nelson County High School. At Nelson, he had been in the school for more years than half the staff. He was an experienced teacher at Nelson County, but now he has to learn how everything works all over again. Throughout his teaching career, he has instructed students through all levels of physics.

“From the most basic intro freshman course, up to AP Physics,” he said. 

Mr. Woosley explained that he did not want to leave his prior school. Instead, he wanted to try something new that might help him develop as a physics teacher.  

Despite his new school’s substantially larger size, Mr. Woosley looks forward to his time here at Manual. He appreciates how supportive his coworkers and students have been and sees himself staying here for many years to come.

Just continuing to help make Manual great in whatever way I can contribute to that,” he stated. 

Besides loving his job, Mr. Woosley also holds an ability to teach with lofty standards. During his stay, he wants to improve his teaching to where he can help out the high-achieving students found at the school.   

 “Education is the single most important thing a person can get,” he said.

He’s uncertain of what awaits him here at Manual, but he hopes to exceed them to the best of his abilities.