UofL opportunities for Manual students–What are the Crimson Scholars and Louisville Academy?


Dom Fou

Students at UofL sit and learn in lecture halls such as this. Photo by Dom Fou on Unsplash.

Dia Cohen

Manual offers students many opportunities that other schools don’t have, likely due to their proximity to the University of Louisville’s campus. This includes the opportunity to take classes offered by UofL to local high school students. These opportunities range from taking dual credit classes on campus to summer classes. The classes provide an opportunity to prepare Manual students for college and the potential challenges they might encounter once they leave Manual.

Jessica Schnurr (11, HSU) participates in the Crimson Scholar Program offered by Manual. Jessica chooses classes that she might major in as a way to consider if she likes the topic.

“It’s really nice to be able to take classes in your future major to get them out of the way or even if you don’t know what your major will be, you can take certain classes to see if you might be interested in the subject as a future career,” Schnurr said. 

One of the opportunities Manual offers is Dual credit classes. These classes  ensure that students can earn both college and high school credits for a singular block. The classes have a maximum fee of 72 dollars per credit hour. According to the counseling website, all candidates for dual credit with UofL must:

  • Meet admission criteria for the University of Louisville as a dual credit student.
  • Follow the university academic calendar. Students may be required to purchase textbooks or other required materials.
  • Submit an unofficial university transcript to the dual credit coordinator at Manual at the end of each term.
  • Meet prerequisite requirements in order to enroll in higher-level courses.
  • Pay tuition (at a reduced cost) or use the KY Dual Credit Scholarships (maximum of 2)

Students can apply to either the Louisville Academy or Crimson Scholar programs for their UofL credit hours.

Louisville Academy:

An application and interview are required for the Louisville Academy, and students are required to pay tuition at a reduced price. They can enroll in four courses at UofL per semester during two of Manual’s blocks. Students in this program typically earn 12-15 college credits over the academic year. Classes must be approved by counselors. 

Crimson Scholars:

Students participate in on-campus dual credit instruction with the University of Louisville during one Manual block, with a maximum of two courses per semester. Students are still allowed to pay tuition at a reduced price and can earn college and high school credits if the courses are completed. All classes taken must also be approved by counselors. 

Here is a list of the approved UofL classes