Meet Staff Sergeant Tiffany Davis: Manual’s National Guard Recruiter

Staff Sergeant Tiffany Davis has served in the National Guard sicne she was 22. Photo courtesy of SSG Davis.

SSG Davis

Staff Sergeant Tiffany Davis has served in the National Guard sicne she was 22. Photo courtesy of SSG Davis.

Katie Dikes and Isabella Edghill

Manual is home to many different magnets and career pathways, but it also houses other programs and opportunities for students to explore. Staff Sergeant (SSG) Tiffany Davis, a recruiter for the National Guard, is here to serve Manual’s juniors and seniors. SSG Davis joined the Kentucky Army National Guard at 22 because the Guard paid 100 percent of her college tuition, but she stayed because of the personal fulfillment she got from the military. She found her passion in helping others and in recruiting. 

SSG Davis sat down with RedEye to explain the opportunities available to Manual’s upperclassmen and to make sure students know they can connect with her to learn more. SSG Davis talked about what the National Guard is, and debunked some commonly held beliefs about the military. 

What is the National Guard?

The National Guard is a part time component of the United States Army. Soldiers serve locally one weekend a month and two weeks in the summer. 

What are the benefits?

The National Guard covers 100 percent of tuition to all public state universities and colleges as well as most private and trade schools in the state.

National Guard members can sign up for a three, four or six year contract. Once the contract is up, members can choose to extend their contract, as SSG Davis did, or end it and get the benefits of being a veteran.

What are the requirements?

In order to be eligible for the National Guard, you must be 17-34 years old and at least a junior in high school on track to graduate. You also must be a U.S citizen and pass a health physical. Davis explains that you must be healthy, but not necessarily physically fit to begin serving. SSG Davis can also help make sure you meet all the requirements.

Davis’ experience and main message:

Reflecting on how the National Guard has shaped her, Davis recalls it has helped her provide stability and support by assisting her financially. 

Davis also feels like the National Guard helps give its members purpose by playing into their strengths, making them more disciplined and giving them confidence.  

A lot of people are shy about joining the military because they think they will lose their individuality, but Davis says it’s the exact opposite. One can also branch off and explore different passions within the National Guard. There are over 160 career opportunities available ranging from journalists to musicians. 

Davis also points out that the military does provide a feeling of unity and camaraderie. The moment one puts on that uniform, that individual and everybody else in that uniform have a common goal and purpose, but this is not the same as losing their unique qualities.

When asked what her main message is to the Manual community, Davis says to not immediately dismiss the military as a viable option, as it has opportunities for everyone.

“Learn about your options and opportunities. Be open. Get the information so you can make an informed decision. Be open-minded. Don’t look down on the military.” Davis said. 

The military offers many different experiences and opportunities. If you find the right opportunity with the military, don’t be afraid to take it. 

SSG Tiffany Davis can be contacted through the Counseling office and can occasionally be found in the cafeteria. She also sometimes gives presentations in classes, and in afterschool clubs and sports. She can be contacted at (502)-545-0109. Her email is [email protected].