Crescent Hill tennis courts finally undergoing renovation

A sign posted outside the tennis courts announces the renovation plan. Photo by Katie Dikes

Katie Dikes

A sign posted outside the tennis courts announces the renovation plan. Photo by Katie Dikes

Katie Dikes

After years of being plagued by weeds, consumed by cracks in the court and faults in its fences, the Crescent Hill tennis courts are finally undergoing a renovation. Though still played upon, it has been over 10 years since the courts have had a makeover, besides resurfacing. 

The renovation includes the repaving of four existing dilapidated tennis courts, the replacement of two tennis courts with four pickleball courts, new fencing around the entirety of the courts and a proposed evergreen screen between the courts and the Mary T. Meagher Aquatic Center. 

District 9 of the Louisville Metro Council has partnered with Metro Parks for the renovation, as well as the Parks Alliance of Louisville to raise additional funds for the courts. The money will be used for new backboards, windscreens and other small improvements for the courts. 

Located in the heart of the Crescent Hill neighborhood, the tennis courts and park itself attract a large number of residents and passerbyers. As such, there is a lot of excitement and relief over the renovation. 

Local tennis coach and former UofL tennis player, Jody Garner, lives nearby and utilizes the courts weekly. She is happy with the decision, saying “it’s about time” that new changes to the courts are taking place.

“[Those] courts will be booked [once the renovation is completed] and since they are adding pickleball courts, it will be even more crowded because pickleball is such an uprising sport. I’m super excited to just see people get out and exercise,” Garner said.

Manual girls’ tennis coach, Brittany Buckner (Spanish)-though not a frequent Crescent Hill court player-also thinks the courts will be even more utilized and crowded than before. 

“The renovation will increase the amount of tennis players and will bring a lot more traffic and foot traffic,” says Buckner. 

Former Metro Councilman, Bill Hollander, who represented District 9 (which includes Crescent Hill in its vicinity) from 2015-2023, voiced his support for the renovation. On numerous occasions, Hollander visited the courts for inspection and talked to local tennis players about future plans. 

Though there is a lot of anticipation over the renovation, Garner still has some concerns:

“[Because of the Crescent Hill Golf Course being so close, along with the driving range], I’m worried about all the hit golf balls that pose a threat to players because they haven’t been clear whether they are going to put up a big net [or more protection]. I also just really hope [Metro Parks] does a better job of maintaining the courts,” Garner said.

The District 9 office has set aside $175,000 towards the initial $300,000 goal. To make a donation, click here, and be sure to select “Crescent Hill Courts”.

The renovation is expected to start and end sometime this summer.