Manual hosts pep rally for academic teams

Ava Blair

On Friday, Manual celebrated the academic teams that have recently won state or other awards with a pep rally. The teams and clubs honored were the Winter Guard, the Chess Team, Science Bowl, Governor’s Cup and the Academic Team. 

The pep rally started with the winter guard’s performance, which was based on the Edmund Fitzgerald shipwreck.

After this, the Chess Team was honored with a speech by coach Mr. Crain (English), as they placed first in the state. 

“I think it was really fun, it’s something Manual has won or come runner-up in a lot and it’s really fun just to be recognized,” Andrew Rectenwald (12, HSU), a member of the Chess Team, said. 

Mr. Kuo (Science) also then honored the Science Bowl team with a congratulations speech. Finally, the Academic and Governor’s Cup teams were honored by Mr. Starling (Science).