Annual senior walk wraps up 2022-23 school year



The seniors begin to leave the gym, kicking off the annual senior walk. Photo by Ava Blair

Kaelin Gaydos

On Thursday, the Class of 2023 walked the halls of Manual together for the last time. The seniors shared their final hugs, laughs and tears together as they passed through the building, saying their goodbyes to teachers and underclassmen. Letters, flowers and other gifts were passed out as a final token of appreciation for one another.

To some, the senior walk was a time to reflect, show gratitude and revel in the nostalgic feeling of leaving their high school experience behind.

“I think after the senior walk I’m really feeling grateful. I’ve had the opportunity to meet so many amazing people at Manual; students and teachers that I’m so lucky to know and communities that I’m very happy to be apart of,” Lauren Wood (12, HSU) said.

“It is a very unique experience in the way that walking through these halls I can see different versions of myself at every step of high school. Getting that chance to just say bye to those who I’ve gotten to know and take one last walk through the halls has been an amazing experience and I already feel nostalgic over it all,” Story Napier (12, HSU) said.

For other seniors, their last few moments in the building felt bittersweet as they handed over the continuing legacy of duPont Manual to the underclassmen. 

“I think after the senior walk, you know it’s obviously a little bit heavy and emotional, but I’m also kind of excited to see the future of duPont Manual do just as an amazing job or even more of an amazing job than we have in our years,” Gokul Achaththekoot (12, MST) said.

The underclassmen had split views on the senior walk; while some of them didn’t know many seniors, others were very upset to see their senior friends leave.

“I am so completely an emotional wreck, I really am going to miss the senior class. They’re super involved and I love every single last one of them,” Acacia Lopez (11, J&C) said.

One sophomore, Rylie Garmon (10, YPAS), felt a sense of anticipation and excitement.

“I wasn’t very close to many of the [seniors]. For the people I did know it’s a melancholy feeling. I’m very excited for this walk,” Garmon said.

The Senior Class of 2023 officially graduated today at 4 pm at Freedom Hall.