Manual’s field hockey team ranked 19th in the nation

Anna Dryden

The 2011 State Champion field hockey team has officially been ranked 19th in the nation by Top of the Circle, the world’s largest resource for field hockey rankings and ratings.

The website’s rankings list the top fifty high school field hockey teams in the nation. The girls’ field hockey team finished its 2011 season with 25 wins, five losses, and one tie.

On top of this, sophomores Anna Dufour (10) and Renee Dufour (10) led the nation in goals and assists per game, and Coach Brittany Tolan was the recipient of the national Coach of the Year Award.

Players think this ranking is a great start for next year. “It’s exciting that we are ranked so high, especially because we have never been ranked before,” goalkeeper Dakota Elzy (10) said. “Next year we are going to have to work even harder, because people are going to expect more from us.”