Girls’ lacrosse team introduces cuts to handle new membership

Anna Dryden

Last year, the girls’ lacrosse team had a record number of participating freshmen. In order to manage the increasing interest, Head Coach Samantha Canary has decided to implement cuts.

Since the program’s start in 2000, the girls’ lacrosse team has been no-cut on both the varsity and JV level.

Though Coach Canary does not want to discourage any new girls from trying out, she believes cutting players is a necessary step. 

“We love that the interest in lacrosse has been growing, but we don’t have the coaching staff to take all the girls that are signing up. We can only take a maximum of 24 girls per team, so cuts must be made,” she said.

Many players believe that the cuts will be effective in creating a better team.

“The cuts will be based on attendence and attitude more than skill, so hopefully it will get rid of girls who are just there to goof around,” Emily Pauw (12) said.

Otherwise, the team’s practices continue as usual. With four state titles since 2000, the team has a history of performing well. In order to ensure that the team will have a chance at another state title, the girls started conditioning on January 3. The team attends conditioning every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 3:00–4:30 p.m. in the freshman cafeteria.

Any girls who are interested in joining the lacrosse team must bring five dollars to tryouts and have a physical on file. For more information regarding tryouts and the team’s schedule, go to the Manual girls’ lacrosse website.