Manual RedEye

Science Fair beneficial to MST students


March 12, 2013

On Saturday March 9, MST students participated in the Manual-wide science fair. “At Manual [science] fair, you're surrounded by a lot of people you know, and most people are practicing their presentations and talking to their...

Senior makes neurobiology breakthrough


November 6, 2012

Last summer, Abigail Menefee (12) was contacted by her mentor, Dr. Robin Krimm, to speak at a gustatory (taste) conference after she made a neurobiology breakthrough which concerned taste. Menefee has been working in the neurobiology...

MST holds a magazine fundraiser


September 10, 2012

On Tuesday, September 4, MST students were given magazine fundraiser packets from Mr. Robert Barr (MST Chemistry) and Mr. Glenn Zwanzig (MST Environmental Science) to raise money for funds in MST. The fundraiser runs from September...