Manual RedEye

Review: Roots provides delicious options for all tastes

Tian Chan

September 23, 2011

Since coming to Manual, l have discovered that my fellow classmates are very diverse. Some students have unfamiliar food preferences; there are vegetarians, vegans, and meat-eaters alike. Vegetarianism is hard for me to grasp, so...

The Original Twig


December 29, 2010

Louisville doesn’t have a lot of diners, but it isn’t far fetched to say that we have an original aesthetic to our eateries. Of course, we have the commercial restaurants that seem to keep multiplying, including Waffle House,...

Basement Films: Not Enough Bang for Your Buck

Sean Strain

December 3, 2010

Even though I am a bit of a movie nerd, I rarely ever watch a movie several times. My philosophy is that there are millions of movies out there and even more being produced all the time, so why waste time with something I’ve...

Ask Miss Lady: Things to do in Louisville

Naiyana Williams, Beats/Calendar Editor

May 3, 2010

Miss Lady, After the Kentucky Derby Festival, Louisville is very boring. What is there to do that will add excitement to my ever so boring life? - Looking for Louisville Dear Looking for L'Ville, You haven't been looking. As quiet and life...