February 21st, 2018
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Six things freshmen can do to improve their time at Manual

Editor-in-Chief Olivia Evans reflects on things she should have done as a freshman.

Manual students overwhelmingly prefer Clinton

Eighty-three percent of Manual students would vote for Hillary Clinton and 11% would vote for Trump if they could, according to a RedEye poll taken during...

COMMUNITY: “The freshman question”

In the latest edition of RedEye Community, guest writer Melissa Perello discusses the distinct challenges of being a freshman at Manual High School.

Freshmen On: Core Content Classes

For the final "Freshmen On" video, we decided to ask students questions from the required classes they take their freshmen year: Math, English, Science, Health, and Physical Education.

Freshmen On: High School Advice

The incoming Class of 2018 just received their acceptance letters, so we decided to ask the current freshmen, the Class of 2017, to give some advice for next year's freshmen.

GALLERY: Freshman boys’ basketball game at St. X

A close game against the Freshmen basketball players between the St. X players ended in a loss for Manual.

Freshmen On: Valentine’s Day

With the week of Valentine's Day upon us, we decided to ask the freshmen how they truly spend their Valentine's Day. Here are the results.

Freshmen On: duPont Manual

The Freshmen have now been at Manual for a full semester so let's see what they really know about their high school.

Freshmen On: Politics 2

It's a new year of politics as well as a whole new group of freshmen to interview for the Manual On series. Let's see what they have to say about some political questions.

Gallery: Drama 1 workshop

On Wednesday, the Drama 1 class held their first workshop.