January 19th, 2018
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Manual’s Intersectionality Board hosts first ever Intersectionality Night

A variety of cultural, advocacy and social awareness clubs assembled in the auditorium for Manual's first Intersectionality Night.

Administrators unsure of what caused Tuesday’s fire

Two fire alarms were activated on Tuesday, causing mass confusion

R/W Week 2017: Alumni celebrate the 125th anniversary of Manual

The Crimson Mission invited alumni and their families to enjoy a celebration of the 125th anniversary of Manual.

R/W Week 2017: Students and staff come together for the burial...

Students attended Dooms Day's burial of the bulldog in the auditorium as part of the ongoing Red/White Week festivities.

Protesters on JCPS property disrupt Friday morning

Anti-gay, anti-abortion protesters had to be shooed off campus by administrators Friday morning.

New ALICE training aims to increase safety in JCPS

Manual has implemented a new training protocol that takes a proactive approach to maintaining the safety of the student body through defensive and offensive tactics.

R/W Week 2016: All dogs go to heaven

Doomsday dates back to 1953, as Red/White Week continues, Doomsday takes place this Thursday.

Administrators to host first annual senior service day

Senior students who filed an approved Educational Enrichment Form will be excused from school on March 1 to serve their communities.

JCPS, school counselors respond to crisis at Manual

More than 25 trained counselors and school psychologists from across the district responded to the school last Tuesday.

Manual’s admission process may become a lottery

The JCPS school board will consider a proposal to change all its magnet programs to lottery-based admission.