R/W Week 2019: What to know for this week


Crimsons go crazy at the pep rally. Photo by Payton Carns

Jacob Hamm, Liv Bohler, and

Yesterday was the start of one of the biggest weeks at duPont Manual in the whole year: Red/White Week. Red/White (R/W) Week has been happening since the start of the Male v. Manual rivalry back in 1893. This spirit week, Manual undergoes a transformation brought to you by Executive Council where the walls are lined with poster and the ceilings are dripping in red and white balloons.

Dressing up

One of the key parts of R/W Week is dressing up for the occasion. This week the themes are Surfers/Bikers (Monday), Opposite Day (Tuesday), Decades Day (Wednesday), Doomsday (Thursday) and Manual Spirit Day (Friday). 

You can find accessories and costumes from anywhere from Party City to Goodwill, depending on your price range and the ideas you have for your costume. Due to this week involving many irregular style choices, the dress code is modified. These changes include the ability to wear face paint/face makeup and hats. However, students must still wear shoes and appropriate clothing length, and may not wear masks. Dressing up for R/W week is a crucial part of getting the school ready for Friday’s game and nearly everyone participates, even the teachers!

Attending the Game

Starting Tuesday, game tickets will be on sale. Be sure to buy your tickets in advance from the office if you don’t already have a Crimson Card. If you get them at school beforehand they are five dollars, as opposed to the seven dollars they cost at the game. Make sure you arrive at least an hour early to the game to avoid long lines of people and secure a good seat in the student section, and if you want food or drinks then get them before you head up to the bleachers. When parking at the game, remove any Manual decals or bumper stickers to avoid any rival fans who may recognize the school you belong and potentially tamper with your vehicle. 

Managing work and stress level throughout the week

Be sure to keep track of your work while making your way through this hectic week—it will pile up faster than you think. While some teachers may have a more relaxed week, most won’t stop your workload just for the game. If you keep on top of things—completing your work when you receive it rather than procrastinating, spending less time on your phone, creating goals for the week and getting at least seven hours of sleep every night—you can maintain the positive attitude and pep that’s essential for the week.

Pep Rally

For students who prefer not to attend the pep rally, the library is open and welcoming. Be sure to give your teacher a heads up as to where you’ll be and enjoy your time in a more quiet, relaxed environment!

For those who do attend, get ready for the competitions! Each class’s Olympic champions from the carnival will compete against the winners from the other classes. The junior powderpuff dancers will then face off against the seniors, each performing their two-minute dance routine that the Dazzlers from their respective classes have choreographed. Finally, at the end of the pep rally, Mr. Farmer will award the spirit stick to whichever class shows the most spirit and cheers the loudest.