What to know before the Male vs. Manual game

What to know before the Male vs. Manual game

Kyra Johnson

This Friday, November 1, our Crimsons will go head to head against Male in their 138th rivalry game.

With thousands of people gathering inside Manual stadium to watch this game, there will be added protocol and guidelines to follow in order for everyone to remain safe and for everyone to enjoy the game to the farthest extent; included in this higher protocol is increased safety precaution and personnel along with a set of guidelines for all game attendants to follow.

Continue reading to find out what to do, what to bring and what will be put in place to keep you and those around you safe and happy.

Spectator must knows:

You cannot bring backpacks of any kind into the stadium. Only smaller personal purses will be allowed.

Tickets will be for sale at both schools for $7.00, while tickets will be sold at the game for $10.00.

Manual has declared the game a red-out, so show up wearing as much red as possible.


While both schools always have safety teams and protocols for every game, the Male vs. Manual game will have an increased LMPD officer appearance at the game Friday night as well as a few squad cars in the stadium.

All of Manual’s administrators will be present at the game and will be stationed at various locations to ensure the safety of students and community spectators.

Both the LMPD officers and Manual administration will be watching and making sure that students are staying on their side of the field in hopes to prevent and harmful or negative interactions between schools.

For example, if a Manual student were to try and walk to the Male student section or seating section they would be stopped by an officer or an administrator and directed back to the Manual side. This goes for Male students as well.