RedEye staff plays movie mashup game

RedEye staff plays movie mashup game

Norah Wulkopf

Members of the RedEye staff play a movie mashup game and have their horror movie knowledge tested.

Norah Wulkopf: Hello and welcome to RedEye’s Movie Mashup Game. So basically what we are doing is we are taking two different movies, combining their plots to make a synopsis, and then reading the synopsis to members of the staff and then having them guess what the combined movie name is. So, for instance, the synopsis could be something like: The owner of the Bates Motel goes on a journey on Halloween night to reconnect with long lost family members. And, the answer would be Psycoco because it’s Psycho and Coco combined. We have 6 prompts and we are quizzing some of our staff members over their movie knowledge. Alrighty, Jacob Hamm say your name.

Jacob Hamm: I am Jacob Hamm. Should I say my position?

Wulkopf: Yeah, say your position.

Hamm: I am an assignment editor for Manual RedEye.

Macy Waddle: I’m Macy Waddle and I’m a staffer.

Kate Benton: My name’s Kate Benton and I am the graphic designer on RedEye. I’m very bad with movies.

Wulkopf: It’s ok.

Benton: I’ll be the comedy reel.

Kyra Johnson: I’m Kyra Johnson and I’m a staffer.

Tyler Lericos: My name is Tyler Lericos and I’m a staffer for RedEye.

E.P. Presnell: My name is E.P. Presnell. I am an opinion editor on RedEye this year.

Wulkopf: Are you ready?

Presnell: *scoffs* No.

Wulkopf: A black man meets his white girlfriend’s family for the first time. Things go awry when he gets mixed up in the murder of a Soc and his fellow Greasers must run away.

Benton: So I know one of them is The Outsiders, and the other one is probably a horror movie.

Wulkopf: Yes.

Benton: Get Outsiders.

Wulkopf: Yes!

Benton: Oh my god! I did it! I did it!

Hamm: Get Outsiders.

Presnell: Is it Get Outsiders?

Waddle: Oh! The Outsiders and Get Out.

Wulkopf: What are they together?

Waddle: Get Outsiders.

Lyrics: Get Out of Town?

Wulkopf: Get Out is correct. Do you not know the second half?

Lericos: No.

Johnson: It’s Get Out and… Can you read it again? Is it the one with Ponyboy?

Lericos: Greaser? Oh is it Outsiders? Oh Outsiders.

Hamm: So put them together.

Lericos: Ok Get Outsiders.

Johnson: I don’t wanna say Outsiders but like…

Wulkopf: Yes.

Johnson: It is Outsiders?

Wulkopf: Yeah.

Johnson: Oh ok fun. Get Outsiders.

Hamm: Yes.

Johnson: Ok.

Wulkopf: Following the death of a matriarch, a family falls apart and the boy living under the stairs goes off to boarding school.

Benton: And this is two movies?

Hamm: I know the second one is Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone but… the death of a matriarch…

Presnell: Ok Harry Potter is the second one.

Wulkopf: Yes.

Waddle: I know one’s Harry Potter.

Johnson: Ok it’s Harry Potter mixed with something.

Benton: Pet Sematarry Potter.

Lericos: The Handmaid’s Potter?

Wulkopf: What?

Hamm: This is when only watching Marvel movies hurts.

Waddle: I really have no idea. Harry Potter and… I have no idea.

Presnell: I’m trying to wrack my brain for horror movies.

Hamm: Is it? Is it that movie about… I didn’t… I… I don’t know.

Johnson: See I love scary movies.

Hamm: Uhm. HerHarry… Herry Potter.

Wulkopf: In this movie, a grandmother dies and it follows the mom.

Presnell: Oh! Hereditary and the Sorcerer’s Stone.
Wulkopf: Hereditarry Potter.

Presnell: Oh.

Benton: I’m kinda trying to think back to the horror movie calendar.

Wulkopf: It’s on there.

Benton: It’s on there. Hereditarry Potter.

Waddle: No idea.

Wulkopf: Hereditarry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

Waddle: I’ve never heard of that movie in my life.

Johnson: I don’t know. I don’t know that one.

Wulkopf: Hereditarry Potter.

Johnson: Oh I never saw Hereditary.

Lericos: I’m drawing up a blank. I don’t know what it is. What is it?

Wulkopf: Hereditarry Potter.

Lericos: Hereditarry Potter. Oh jeez.

Hamm: See I know the movie you were talking about but I just don’t know the name.

Wulkopf: Frodo Baggins must take on the role of Ringbearer and destroy a video tape that will predict exactly how you die in 7 days after you watch it.

Presnell: Ring? Ok. Ring.

Johnson: That’s The Ring. And the Ringbearer?

Waddle: One is Lord of the Rings.

Wulkopf: Yes.

Waddle: Yeah. Ok, and the other one…

Hamm: Is it? Is it Lord of the Ring?

Benton: Lord of the Ring.

Lericos: Is it literally The Lord of the Rings? The Lord of the Ring.

Wulkopf: A specific Lord of the Rings movie.

Johnson: There’s a specific title for that one? I didn’t know that I thought they were just Lord of the Rings.

Wulkopf: Frodo Baggins must take on the role of Ringbearer.

Presnell: I feel like I should know this.

Wulkopf: Wait you don’t? I thought you would know that immediately. Oh my god.

Presnell: No cause I hear the name, and that name is like deep within my mind but I literally have no clue.

Hamm: I was so confident coming into this.

Wulkopf: He’s related to Bilbo Baggins. Smaug?

Presnell: What?

Wulkopf: Smaug?

Hamm: Benedict Cumberbatch as a dragon.

Wulkopf: Smaug? Legolas?

Hamm: No not Eragon the movie, Aragorn.

Presnell: Oh.

Hamm: It’s a character. Aragorn?

Presnell: I really have no clue what you’re talking about.

Wulkopf: New Zealand!

Hamm: We’re not gonna tell you.

Presnell: Oh my god *muffled by hands*. Lord of the Ring? Lord of the Ring, is that it?

Hamm: There’s more.

Wulkopf: It’s a specific answer.

Wulkopf: You’re one smart fella if you can figure out what it is.

Hamm: Fellowship of the! Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring.

Wulkopf: Yes. You’re one smart fella if you can get this title.

Johnson: Ok.

Wulkopf: You’re one smart fella if you can get this one right.

Benton: The Fellowship of the Rings.

Wulkopf: The Fellowship of the Ring.

Benton: I got it. I got it.

Johnson: Fellow rings? I literally don’t know.

Cesca Campisano: You would take a cruise on one of these.

Johnson: A ship.

Hamm: So you’ve got Lord of the Rings: Fellowship

Lericos: Fellowship of the Ring?

Hamm and Wulkopf: Yeah!

Lericos: Of the Ring? God.

Waddle: Fellow of the Rings?

Johnson: Fellowship of the Ring? Ok.

Waddle: Fellowship of the Rings? Fellowship of the Ring?

Presnell: Wouldn’t have gotten it.

Johnson: I’ve never seen The Lord of the Rings so that was difficult.

Waddle: What was the other movie?

Wulkopf: The Ring.

Waddle: Oh.