R/W Week 2019: Male squeezes out a win against Manual


Last night, Male (10-0) defeated  Manual (8-2) with a close score of 22-21. This is the seventh year in a row that Male has defeated Manual to win the barrel.

First half:

In the opening possession, Manual had an aggressive start on defense. They had three tackles with little to no gain for Male. Within the same possession, Manual’s Bryce Yates (#3, 11) intercepted a pass leading to Manual’s first offense possession of the night. 

On the offensive side of the ball, Manual’s Jawaun Northington (#22, 10) scored two touchdowns giving the Crimsons a lead of 14-0 early in the half. 

Manual continued their defensive pressure throughout the first half by not allowing a single Male touchdown until  halfway through the second quarter. Male’s first touchdown was scored by Jaylin Bross (#22, 10), and Briceson Rodgers (#9, 12) scored the Bulldogs’ second touchdown to make the halftime score 14-13 for Manual.

The two sophomores from opposing teams, Northington (Manual) and Bross (Male) put on an outstanding performance early in the game, facing off against each other on offense and defense.

“What stood out to me is all the knocking and the back and forth between two really good running backs [Manual’s Jawaun Northington and Male’s Jaylin Bross],” Manual’s head coach, Scott Carmony, said.


The halftime show kicked off by honoring players from Manual’s 1969 team as it was their 50 year anniversary of defeating Male 20-6. The class of 1969 was also one of the last classes to play against Male on the traditional Thanksgiving Day.

Following the honoring of the 1969 team, the Crimson Sound recognized their seniors performers for their senior night before performing.

The last halftime event was to celebrate the retirement the jersey number 19 to pay homage to former Manual football player, Keenan Burton. Burton was drafted in the fourth round of the NFL (National Football League) in 2008 by the then St. Louis Rams (currently the Los Angeles Rams).

Second half:

After a sluggish start on defense by Male, they started to pick up their pressure. Both teams were playing intense defense throughout the second half. 

Both teams forced multiple fourth downs and empty-handed possessions. For Manual, Tavon Johnson (#11, 10) and Bryce Yates (#3, 11) had momentum-shifting defensive plays. Johnson forced back an attempt to run off of a received kick, and Yates intercepted a Male pass which eventually led to a Manual touchdown. 

This third and final touchdown was scored by Jawaun Northington (#22, 10), who had scored the other two touchdowns as well. 

Soon after Northington’s third touchdown, Male’s Quantrell Wright (#5, 12) scored a touchdown, bringing Male back within two points of Manual.

Manual’s chance of winning the barrel for the first time in seven years looked promising until Male’s Jordi Gomez (#84, 12) scored a three-point field goal, bringing the score to 22-21  in favor of Male. 

On the last possession of the game, Male’s defense swarmed Northington without allowing any gain. Following a foul from Manual, the Crimsons were forced to scramble a 36-yard field goal attempt but ultimately didn’t get the kick off.

“The end was all about who was going to make the last few plays. They [Male] put in the field goal, and we didn’t,” Carmony said.

The Manual Crimsons will begin tournament play next Friday. They will host Pleasure Ridge Park at 7 at Manual Stadium. Manual beat PRP 48-6 two weeks ago.