Girls’ varsity basketball: How well do you know your teammate?


Macy Waddle

With basketball season just around the corner, see how well seniors, De’Jah Chatman (HSU, 12) and Jeanay Riley (HSU, 12) know each other in Manual RedEye’s third video in the “How well do you know your teammates?” series.


Jeanay: Hi I’m Jeanay Riley. I’m in HSU, and I’m a senior. 

De’Jah: Hi I’m De’Jah Chatman. I’m in HSU, and I’m a senior. 

Jeanay: That’s my favorite color. 

De’Jah: Yeah, black. 

Jeanay: She listens to Tekashi 6ix9ine that should tell you something right there. 

De’Jah: No! Jeanay listens to music that will put you to sleep. 

Jeanay: I be just playing when I say that, don’t take offense to that.  

De’Jah: It’s a joke that happened last year and she always said it a lot. 

Jeanay: Both of us. 

De’Jah: Both of them. 

De’Jah: You capping!!

Jeanay: She think just because she wears Jordans that means she’s fly. 

De’Jah: I don’t even wear them. 

Jeanay: Just because she wears Jordans doesn’t mean she’s fly. I be looking cute. 

De’Jah: This is Jeanay’s. 

Jeanay: Y’all I’m sorry I don’t know.

De’Jah: Chloe Jackson

Jeanay: Chloe Jackson!