Five Thanksgiving games for the family

Liv Bohler

Now that you’re all stuffed from dinner, here are some fun games to entertain your family!

Skittles Thankful Game

The Skittles Thankful Game is a fun event that can include the whole family. Everyone will receive a pack of Skittles and each color Skittle in the pack correlates with an experience, place, person, skill and memory that you are thankful for. Each round everyone will go one by one, drawing a Skittle and declaring what they are grateful for.


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Thanksgiving Pictionary 

Thanksgiving Pictionary is a game that the oldest and the youngest in the family can partake in. To play, you first nominate one person to be the director of the game. They keep track of time and assign the phrases or ideas for the players to draw. The group of people playing will then be split into smaller teams. Each team will have the opportunity to elect a representative and give them the chance to receive a topic from the director and draw the phrase or idea that they were given. If their group is able to guess, that group would get a point. It is a great game if you are looking for something to get everyone on their feet and involved with the family. To put a seasonal spin on it, do Thanksgiving themed rounds where all of the words, items and phrases are Thanksgiving related.

Thanksgiving Bingo

In this family game, everyone receives an individual card with a certain number of slots in the chart. In those slots, there is a different Thanksgiving image or phrase. An announcer picked at the beginning will call out a series of those items and the first to get a full row of their items chosen, wins the game. The difference between traditional bingo and Thanksgiving bingo is that instead of the rows on the card being filled with numbers, they are Thanksgiving themed bingo cards with corresponding phrases and symbols.

Thanksgiving Trivia

Thanksgiving Trivia is a game that can be enjoyed for all ages. The game involves all of the family members being tested on their Thanksgiving knowledge. The person who gets the most Thanksgiving Trivia questions correct wins the game! 

Family Reunion Game

This game is a great way to reconnect after not seeing relatives in a while! Everyone attending is tasked with writing a paragraph about themselves with details on what their hobbies, likes and dislikes, favorite shows or any prevalent detail that they would like their family to know about them. After everyone has written their paragraphs, one person is chosen to read them all and as a table, everyone is challenged to pick who the paragraph is about.