Give these gifts to friends and family this holiday season


Aliyah Lang

The holiday season can be a stressful time for many people, and on top of that stress is the pressure of finding the right gift for someone. The following are gifts to help spark ideas for your friend or loved one. 

Personalized gifts

Some good personalized gifts included blankets, pillows, ornaments, mugs, jewelry and even photo albums. This will allow you to highlight special moments in your life with this person and gives a sentimental factor to the gift. Places to find and customize these items are Shutterfly, Zazzle, and even your local Walgreens.

Room/house decor

Artificial plants, wall art, led strip lights, oil diffusers or candles are a perfect way to add a more welcoming and enjoyable feel to a room or house. Artificial plants, oil diffusers, and candles are items which help those relax in their room or home, whereas wall art or some sort of lighting can express their personality. You can find all of these gifts on Amazon and at Target. You can buy candles, in particular, at Bath and Body Works. 

Clothing items

We can often take receiving clothes during the holidays for granted. Clothing pieces that are great to have year-round are hoodies, shirts, socks, sweaters and sweatpants. It’s essential to have comfortable and warm clothing during the fall and winter season. Stores to shop at can vary based on who exactly you’re shopping for. 


Red Gatorade GX bottle purchased at Dick’s Sporting Goods for $15.99 on sale, regularly priced $19.99.

A popular trend this year has been Hydro flasks water bottles and Gatorade GX bottles. Both are environmentally friendly and reusable, so your gift will get utilized daily. You can purchase them at Dick’s Sporting Goods, or the respectable brands’ website.

Another idea is tickets to an event that they will enjoy. Entertainment from an interest is a good way to unwind on a weekend.

Even something as simple as money or a gift card is acceptable if you’re not sure about a gift. After all, buying and giving gifts should not be a focal point of your holiday season; what’s most important is spending time together.

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