Here’s what seniors need to know before their Day of Service

Maddie Gamertsfelder

As their high school careers come to end, the class of 2020 has many requirements for upcoming events. In order to participate in the Senior Day of Service, buy prom tickets or graduate, you will need to complete specific steps.

Seniors need to complete their Individualized Learning Plan, defend their Backpack for Success Skills and purchase their Balfour cap and gowns.

Final lecture speech recommendations, the senior class trip, prom ticket sales, yard sign sales and Project Graduation are all upcoming events to look out for and be prepared.

Individualized Learning Plan (ILP)

The Individual Learning Plan (ILP) is a state-wide requirement for graduation, a resource to explore future career paths and goals. Manual’s counseling office reviews the ILPs and completion helps outline personal interests and accomplishments, helping students build a resume.

ILPs will request that you take multiple career tests and fill out results sections. The form also asks some personal questions regarding your personal goals.

In order to complete your ILP, you will need to access your JCPS email and login to Google Classroom.

There, you will find an assignment with links and a dropbox to turn in the completed document. The deadline to complete your ILP is March 10.

Backpack for Success Skills

The Student Backpack is a way for JCPS students to showcase their growth from the past four years. It demonstrates readiness to move on to the next educational stage.

Requirements for the JCPS Backpack Defense can be found here, covering all of the success skills.  

You can sign up for your backpack defense outside of Assistant Principal Vicki Lete’s office in the Main Office. Senior Backpack Defenses need to be scheduled by March 2.

Balfour cap and gowns

In order to purchase prom tickets and attend the graduation, you need to purchase your cap and gown. They are currently $55 and the price will rise to $65 on March 1. You can purchase them here.

Balfour will be at school to take orders on March 12 during all lunches. They will be distributed at school the week prior to graduation.

Senior Day of Service

Manual’s Senior Day of Service is taking place on the ACT Testing Day for juniors, March 10. In order to participate in this, you need to complete your ILP and Student Backpack Defense. 

Administrators will be handing out permission slips in senior English classes soon, which will be due on March 2 as well. The back of the permission slip has extra requirements that seniors must complete in order for their day of service to count as a field trip. 

Seniors staff-for-a-day

The administration changed the senior class meeting from March 20 to March 3. You should have cash or a check on that day.

Details about this new fundraising event can be found here. Have an idea of which teacher you want to participate with and come with a minimum of $10. 

A list of staff members participating is below:

  • Administration: Farmer, Boggs, Lete, Klingenfus, Kuhn
  • Counselors: Johnston, Medley, Leslie, Meeron, Fowler
  • Security: Burton, Palmer
  • Athletic office: Zuberer
  • Teachers: Starling, Mattingly, Young, Spiege, Purvis, Jury, Moss, Williams (math), Pierson, Elliot, Cecil (Hunt), Krause, Causey, Buehner, Wilson, Hartlage (gym), Bruszewski, Miller, Williams (research), Shiroma, Ertz, Applegate, Bickel, Stovall, Case, Tackett, Moore, Finley

The day students will take over a staff position is on March 24.

Final lecture speaker

On the last day of school, a teacher will give a final lecture to the graduating seniors. If you want to nominate your favorite teacher, you can fill out the Google Form here.

Senior Prom

In order to attend Senior Prom, you must have purchased your cap and gown, completed your ILP and Backpack Defense, returned all missing textbooks and library books and have no missing fees.

Senior Prom is on May 9 at the Olmstead, with more information to come out soon.

Prom ticket sales will begin on March 23 and continue after spring break.

“Manual Graduate” yard-sign sale

Seniors will receive more information on the details of these signs during the senior class meeting.

The yard-sign sale is an annual fundraiser for the senior class to help fun Project Graduation. They are personalized yard signs to help celebrate student accomplishments and your future.

Signs are $25 and the order form will be distributed after the senior class meeting in March. The order forms must be turned in by March 21 in the front office to an envelope marked: Manual Project Graduation

Project Graduation

Senior class officers are going to distribute permission slips at the senior class meeting and they will be due on May 26 in order to attend. Late registrations will not be accepted.

Senior Trip

The class of 2020 senior trip is on Monday, May 18, 2020, to Kings Island.

All students attending will load buses at 8:00 a.m. and return to Manual around 7:00 p.m. All students going are required to ride the bus and cannot drive themselves.

Each senior can attend for free and no guests are allowed.

Each student will receive one meal voucher and an unlimited drink wristband for the day. Students may bring their own spending money for games, snacks and souvenirs.

Permission slips are due to Ms. Margaret Mattingly in room 251 by Friday, April 17.

Class of 2020 Remind

The senior class Remind is a resource to receive more information about all upcoming events. To join, text @k9k8dc8 to 81010.