REVIEW: RedEye ranks the top 4 coffee shops in Louisville


Photo and design by Macy Waddle.

Macy Waddle


In honor of National Coffee Day, Manual RedEye ranks the top four locally-owned coffee shops in Louisville. 

4. North Lime Coffee and Donuts

North Lime Coffee and Donuts has a total of three locations, two in Lexington and one in Old Louisville.

The strongest part of this coffee and donut shop is not the coffee and donuts, but the interior design. The bright pastel colors and the loft with additional seating really adds to the customer experience. 

The coffee itself didn’t stand out among other shops in Louisville. The latte was not exceptional, but not horrible. In addition, after arriving in the late afternoon when I went, the donuts felt as if they had been sitting out all day. The employees were friendly and the service was quick, which is always a good sign

North Lime Coffee and Donuts is open Monday – Thursday from 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. and Friday-Sunday from 7 a.m.-1 p.m. 

3. Quills Coffee

Quills Coffee is a mostly local coffee shop, with one location in Indianapolis and six in Louisville. This coffee shop is different from the others on this because it provides a much more calm and subtle atmosphere

Due to COVID-19 Quills has two locations open in Louisville, located on Baxter Avenue and in NULU, which are open every day from 7-5

If being ranked in best places to study, Quills would be close to the best. Their simplistic interior design choices and quiet atmosphere create the perfect environment to focus and get things done. 

The attention to detail and friendliness of the staff improved the experience, however, the taste of my latte was not the best I’ve had. It had a sort of bitter undertone with what seemed a little less vanilla flavoring than those of their competitors. Their coffee is great for those who seek strong coffee taste in their drinks. 

Despite this, Quills is a great place for a quick coffee run (although there is no drive-thru) and an even better place to sit down and study. 

2. Sungeros Coffee

Sungeros Coffee is a smaller company, with 4 locations around town. However, the size doesn’t matter because they are still one of the best coffee shops in Louisville.

Each Sungeros location is unique to its own, and the one I visited, located on S Preston Street was designed perfectly for a place to grab coffee with friends or to study. They promoted local artists with their decor and had a beautiful outdoor seating area for when weather permits. 

The coffee shop also did a great job adhering to social distancing guidelines, with a barrier between the register and the customer ensuring a six-foot distance. The employees were fast-moving, and the latte was impeccable, with a good ratio of the sweet vanilla flavor and the coffee. 

With more growth in locations and additions to the menu, Sungeros could easily take the title of the best locally-owned coffee shop in Louisville. 

1. Heine Brothers Coffee

Heine Brothers Coffee currently has 18 locations around Louisville, including one in Jeffersonville, Indiana. 

My iced vanilla latte was perfectly balanced with the right amount of sweet vanilla favor and coffee taste which creates the perfect coffee. The well-trained workers also ensured quick service which creates a great customer experience. 

The Main Street and Fourth Street Live! locations are temporarily closed and other locations are drive-thru only due to COVID-19. You can find a full list of locations here

Heine Brothers also provide a lot of community support for the city of Louisville, including making donations to the Louisville Urban League, The Center for Women and Families, and more. In addition, they are very adamant about being environmentally friendly. You can learn more about how they do so here.

There is no doubt that Heine Brothers is not only the best coffee shop in Louisville, but it’s also one of the best coffee shops for Louisville. 

Heine Brothers is the best locally-owned coffee shop in Louisville according to Manual RedEye’s rankings.