Manual students plan their Halloween festivities

Manual students plan their Halloween festivities

Ofelia Mattingly

As Halloween comes closer, many students at Manual are finding out what their families are going to do to celebrate the spooky season safely during these times. Students have varying plans on how they will be celebrating.

Nene Collins (10, VA) plans to make cookies, watch movies and skate through town.

Both Reina Beumer (11, HSU) and Alina Cherny (10, HSU) have plans to spend time with their family.

“We are having a small family gathering. We will be doing an Adult/ Kid costume contest and candy bar hunt,” Beumer said.

“We’re going to bake Pillsbury sugar cookies and do trick or treating inside the house, where my little brother will go door to door and behind each one is someone from my family or one of our good family friends,” Cherny said.

Mya Spoelker (11, VA) plans to go to a family friend’s house and trick or treat, while Taylor Clark (10, HSU) plans to get candy and watch Halloween movies.

Some students don’t have anything planned since it is a dangerous time, such as Braden Duncan (12, MST) and Sofia Wallace (9, J&C)

I’m not doing anything for Halloween because of Covid-19. I don’t want to put myself or my family members at risk and by going to parties or trick or treating since I could potentially get Covid-19,” Wallace said.

Juliette Cabral (12, YPAS) feels the same way.

No one in my family trick or treats anymore and this year it’s just not a good idea to go to parties or anything,” Cabral said.