Boys’ lacrosse team donates to Piggies for Preemies


Photo of lacrosse team with Lynnie Meyer

Last week the boys’ lacrosse team donated $510.68 from their spring 2020 fundraiser to Norton’s Children’s Hospital. Due to COVID-19 and the abrupt ending to the spring sports season the lacrosse team wasn’t able to continue with their fundraiser until now.   

The team makes an effort to donate to one or two local organizations annually and is currently participating in the Piggies for Preemies which they began in March.    

“We appreciate the impact these young men are having in our community and the difference it will make on our ability to support families who turn to us for care,” Lynnie Meyer, Norton Healthcare’s Senior Vice President said. 

Piggies for Preemies consists of collecting loose change in week increments in piggy banks given by Norton’s Children’s Hospital, “We fill them (piggy banks) with some pocket change from friends, family, neighbors, cars and couches,” Coach More said. 

Once the change is collected over a few weeks all players and coaches will round their collection to turn into Norton’s.

Coach Moore plans to continue this fundraiser as they begin their 2021 season and meet an overall goal of $1000. 

The team’s influence to fundraise for the Piggies for Preemies is due to junior, Adam Lapinski who was born prematurely. 

“My sisters and I were all born prematurely. I barely weighed 5lbs at birth and was born a month early. It’s important to give these infants a fighting chance as I had,” Lapinski said. 

Head coach Moore also has an adopted niece who was born prematurely.

If you would like to help the lacrosse team reach their fundraising goal be sure to contact Coach Moore at [email protected] to receive further information. 

The team also hopes to have a spring fundraiser depending on future COVID-19 restrictions.