Five ways to keep your brain active during summer break


Graphic by Taya Bunch.

Taya Bunch

Summer break is a time for relaxation; however, people should still exercise their brains so that they are better prepared for the incoming school year. 

Watch a documentary series

Documentary series are an easy way to become more informed on topics in an entertaining way. Some series have an interview format that is usually less about entertaining and more about informing. There are also documentaries that tell a story in a more cinematic way. While these tend to be less based on information, they still provide an insight into that topic. 

Read books

Reading is a good method to keep a person’s brain active over summer break without having to read anything educational. Books in general, no matter what genre, allow for people to further their vocabulary and keep the brain sharp. 

Go to a museum

Louisville has a large variety of museums to choose from that experience frequent changes in exhibits so that people can go as many times as they wish and still experience something new. The Kentucky Science Center and Frazier History Museum are both unique places to further learn about the subject in a fun environment, rather than just looking at it through a computer screen. 

Take practice tests online

Practice tests are a useful method to not only prepare for the upcoming year, but also future ACT tests. IXL is a good resource for practicing material for upcoming classes next year and reviewing things that were difficult. ACT also has practice tests set up for people to study their upcoming tests. 

Play brain games

There are several games that allow for people to further develop their brain. Games like Sudoku and Solitaire allow for people to figure out patterns and think ahead. There are also games like Scrabble and crosswords that help develop people’s vocabularies. 

It is important to keep the brain active over long breaks. However, it is also important to enjoy summer vacation. Remember to take time to relax and destress for the upcoming school year.